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155: Tools ‘N’ Tactics 004: Floify Automates Documents and Keeps Your Clients in the Loop

December 6, 2016

Floify is an automated document management deal-processing platform built for US brokers, also accessible to Canadians. Its innovative software solutions provide mortgage professionals with the tools to manage all factors of a mortgage origination through a centralized hub. Brokers and their teams are able to streamline, manage, and organize the lending process, saving time and money while simplifying your business.


The dashboard is available online. An overview of each loan in process is shown, highlighting necessary actions for each deal. Aimed at increasing the level of communication between brokers and clients, referral partners, and members involved in a deal, Floify's services ensure swift, effective, and efficient mortgage processes.


Floify Website: https://floify.com


Floify E-Mail: support@floify.com


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